Catalog Essay: Insistent Particularities

Sylvére Lotringer



For a number of years, George Porcari resisted the comfort of his own medium. He made pictures or framed pictures, in such a way that they eschew narration, representation and signification, any direct apprehension of their material. First he shot photographs through glass windows, telephone booths or revolving doors, reflective structures that made his subjects more opaque and fleeting, impermanent.

In this new series of 32 photographs, he now uses small fragments of photographs, snatches of everyday life barely recognizable, often repeated with some distortion in the same photograph as a way of framing what interests him most – the wide stretch of matte white paper that lays in between. Hovering between abstract painting and concrete poetry, Porcari brings out a representation that represents nothing else but its own effort to make its disappearance visible.


Insistent Particularities, an exhibition at Tif’s Desk, Los Angeles October, 2012

Insistent particularities #9

Insistent particularities #9